There is such a lot of information on the internet and I know how easy it is to lose valuable time searching for "stuff" that I am including here a list of websites and blogs that I have found interesting and useful.

I really want to get some of my favourites listed here so just to get started here are the 3 sites that I check every day. As the list progresses I will put them into categories for easier use.



This blog belongs to my good friend Susan. She writes about her art and sewing and has a really friendly manner to her writing. She is going to college in September and it is going to be really interesting to see where this journey in her life takes her.


Judy Laquidara is a prolific quilter with a passion for EQ7, design, colour and borders. She writes on her blog at least once a day if not more. She has some free patterns on the site and will often have quilt-alongs with a new design. Judy also loves cooking and posts some delicious recipes.


Bonnie Hunter loves scrap quilts. She has devised ways of organising your scraps and has a long list of free patterns and they are just wonderful. She frequently travels, teaching and giving talks and takes lots of photos on her journeys.

Free quilt patterns are welcome by everyone and there are a lot on the internet but good ones are hard to find. By this I mean patterns that are a little bit different, that are well written and look nice. Many people find designing their own patterns difficult and in fact they don't want to do that so a good pattern is essential. The pattern needs to be technically accurate and written in an understandable format ( no jargon ). If you are just a beginner quilter the language of quilting can seem a bit foreign, fat quarters etc. Not everyone has access to other quilters and teachers. So I will mention a few free quilt pattern websites and what I have found good and bad about them.