When I went to my first class for patchwork I had decided that I was only going to do hand sewing. I could see myself sitting watching the TV sewing over papers, very relaxed and yet producing fabulous work! That first lesson taught me that there was so much variety in patchwork that I couldn't do it all by hand because I wanted to try everything. Some people do only work by hand and some only work by machine but for me a combination of both works.

I am going to discuss in detail the "tools" of our hobby but first I am going to write a list of Patchwork basics. I am not saying that you need these straight away but certainly to do all that I want to I find these invaluable.

Patchwork Basics :

Sewing Machine : with a straight stitch and a Zig-zag

Universal needles for machine: Size70/10

1/4" Patchwork foot

Walking foot

Open toed embroidery foot (for applique)

Darning foot (for free motion quilting)


Cotton threads in neutral colours

Scissors: 3 pairs- fabric, sharp embroidery and paper

Needles: Sharps/ Applique and Betweens/ Quilting (You can buy packets of mixed size needles, these are best to start).

45mm Rotary cutter

Rulers:  6" x 24", 4"x 12", 12" square

Cutting mat: At least 17"x 23" but 23"x 35" is best.

Pencil, ruler, eraser etc


Pins: fine not too thick

Tape measure: 120" long

Stitch Unpicker ( absolutely essential )

 Fabrics: to start just get cotton fabrics (quilting weight). It will take time to build up a stash. Some people only buy enough fabric for a particular project, but even then there is likely to be some left over to form a stash.